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Representative Cases:

  • I have handled many guardianships and conservatorships on behalf of both petitioners and respondents.  This also includes Roger's Guardianships and Roger's Reviews.

  • I have assisted many clients with the administration of a loved one's estate.  I have also acted as personal representative for a number of estates.

  • I have represented numerous landlords and tenants.

  • I have settled debt for folks who have gotten in over their heads or experienced a change in circumstances such as job loss or illness.

  • I have used the power of the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Statute, M.G.L. c. 93A regarding landlords, car dealers, collection agencies, banks, mortgagees and insurance companies.

  • I have represented numerous beneficiaries, trustees and personal representatives concerning the administration of trusts, estates and the interpretation of the underlying will or trust documents.

  • I represented two girls whose mother passed away when they were very young.  The young girls were left in the care of their grandmother.  The girls' mother created a number of trusts for the girls naming her mother, the girls' grandmother, as trustee.  The grandmother diverted real estate and the proceeds from a large life insurance policy for her own use.  This was a difficult case because the girls were raised by their grandmother. 

  • I represented a son who took care of his elderly father for more than a decade.  The father and son lived together with the son provided all of his father's needs of daily living, from personal care and the preparation of meals to taking his father to adult day care and doctors appointments.  Under a durable power of attorney the father named his daughter as his attorney in fact.  The daughter breached her fiduciary obligations and received a mortgage on her father's home where the father and son lived.  The father's will left the home to his son who cared for him.  After the father passed away the house that the son was supposed to inherit was now encumbered with the mortgage that his sister received. 

  • I represented a mother whose daughter placed her in a nursing home and sold all of her mother's personal property.  The daughter also got rid of the her mother's beloved pet.  I believe the daughter did this so that she could rent her mother's condominium and take the money for herself.  I got the mother out of the nursing home and into subsidized senior housing so that she could live as independently as she was capable of. 

  • I represented an elderly woman who lived in a rest home and had no family.  I made sure that her bills and taxes were paid and managed the rest of her financial affairs for her.

  • I represented a mentally ill son whose father was his guardian for more than 20 years.  The son was determined to be capable of managing his own affairs.  Against the wishes of the father we petitioned the court to have the father dismissed as the son's guardian.  We later learned that the father breached his fiduciary duties to his son by taking his son's money.   After five years of litigation we received a sizable judgment in the son's favor.  More importantly we had the guardianship dismissed so that the son is now living independently and free of his father's interference.

  • I represented an elderly woman whose house was condemned by the town.  Against the woman's wishes elder services placed the woman into a nursing home and petitioned to have a guardianship and conservatorship placed upon the woman.  I moved the court for state funds to hire our own expert. 

  • I represented a homeowner in a mortgage modification and foreclosure case against one of the largest banks in America.  The bank was represented by one of the largest law firms in Massachusetts.  This highly complex litigation involved tens of hundreds of documents and tens of thousand of pages.  It went on for more than five years.  I was able to get an injunction to prevent the foreclosure of my client's home, a favorable mortgage modification and a monetary settlement in the six figures.